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The Lamp-post Listener: Chronicling C.S. Lewis' World of Narnia

Jun 30, 2021

Shasta and Bree escape. 

Your Lamp-post Links:

C. S. Lewis in Context, by Doris Myers

If you're interested in reading more about the intersection of race, Narnia, and Lewis, you can explore the various articles below. While the pieces offer a wide scope of opinions on Lewis, ranging from defensive to accusatory, we don't necessarily hold the same views as all of the authors. 

Are The Chronicles of Narnia Sexist and Racist? by Devin Brown at

In Defense of C.S. Lewis, by Gregg Easterbrook

Lewis' Prejudices Tarnish Fifth 'Narnia' Book, by Kyrie O'Connor

Revisiting Race in Tolkien’s Legendariumby Dimitra Fimi

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